29 // Sydney – Northern Beaches // Pro Men

Marcell is a rider from the Northern Beaches, who may not have been riding for that long but has had a good amount of results and a good variety of technical trails as his local stomping grounds.

How long have you been riding mountain bikes?
For three years now.

How long have you been racing Enduro?
For two years.

Favourite trail in Sydney?

Who are your sponsors?
My wife and son and also DHaRCO.

What bike will you be riding?
YT Jeffsy Pro CF 29er

What’s been your best result in Enduro racing so far?
1st expert Victorian state Enduro series, 22nd elite Trans NZ.

Have you attended any previous EWS races?
No, this will be my first EWS.

What’s been your training plan in the lead up to the race?
Lifting furniture and regular local loops.

What goals have you set for yourself for this race?
To be relaxed on the bike and have fun are all the goals I need for myself.

What do you think the biggest challenge will be?
Getting to the top of the last stage for sure! Looks tough haha!

Any plans to tackle more EWS stages after Derby?
No plans at this stage but will keep racing and riding bikes.

How do you think you’ll feel when you’re in the start gate come race day?
Nervous but keen to send it!

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