17 // Blue Mountains // Junior Men

Harry is racing at EWS Derby as part of the Mountain Bike Australia Junior Development Squad in U21 Men. No stranger to the podium in his age category, he’s also been giving Elite racing a go in the past few months. Harry will be one to watch in Derby.

How long have you been riding mountain bikes?

I have been riding mountain bikes since forever! I really got into it around 2011 when I used to go out to the local jump track here in the mountains and mess around for hours!

How long have you been racing Enduro?

I have been racing enduro for around 3 years now.

Favourite trail in Sydney?

My favourite trail in Sydney has to be the local called No Friends. It’s pretty steep and raw and a heap of fun.

Who are your sponsors?

Sponsors are Nicks Cycles, DHaRCO, Mountain Bike Suspension Centre, Promountbillet, Trek, Eighty One Spices, Carbocage.

What bike will you be riding?

My Trek Slash 9.8.

What’s been your best result in Enduro racing so far?

That’d have to be winning the 2016 national series in under 17 category.

Have you attended any previous EWS races?

Haven’t raced one before, so super keen to get one under my belt!

What goals have you set for yourself for this race?

Some goals for this race is to get a top-5 overall result or hopefully close to it.

What’s been your training plan in the leadup to the race?

Nothing special, just my usual riding on the mountain and road bikes.

What do you think the biggest challenge will be?

Probably not breaking something on the bike and not running out of food! (laughs)

Any plans to tackle more EWS stages after Derby?

Hopefully I can get to some more races later in time when I can afford it.

How do you think you’ll feel when you’re in the start gate come race day?   

Probably a bit nervous as with anything like that, but focused and keen on the ride ahead.

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