Today saw the training session for Downhill running with the Juniors and Elite Women in the morning and the Elite Men in the afternoon. The day was warm and humid with no rain predicted. Would the dustpocalypse many were predicting occur, turning the track in to a big rut? That did happen, but it’s not the dustpocalypse. Sure it was dusty and some sections of the track changed quickly into ruts that continued to get deeper, but the real test for it will be over the next three days of further practice, training and racing.
Riders for the most part seemed to be getting used to the track, the rock garden caught a few people out however and potentially sending one rider home with a wrist injury.
It will be interesting to see how the times are stacking up from the riders in timed training tomorrow!

Probably the weekend’s busiest vehicles for getting up to the top.
Good old shuttle trailers even if you are the champ.
You don’t get much time to look at the view in the gate, but it’s a nice touch.
Who’s Drop? Jake Newell tries to make it his own
Dean Lucas definitely showing speed today.
Jack Moir, definite contender out on the 29er Carbon prototype
Tracey Hannah taking the inside line through the rock garden, consistently nailing it.
Dean’s sticking with the Alloy 27.5 prototype.
Sam is out on track and looking fast. Timed Training tomorrow will see if his times match.
One of the best moments was seeing Sam Hill right behind Troy Brosnan, just like old times.
Jackson Frew, on the reserves, gets a chance to get out on track and send it as the sweeper.


Katie Lawlor gets some tips from the previous World Champ
Sam Hill doing the Gopro course preview in between the classes of racing around midday, with Paul Vanderploeg on a freshly unboxed Giant behind.
Pat Butler
Go the green and golds!
Duke Millington taking on course sweeper duty.

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