19 // Sydney – Northern Beaches // U21 Men

Sam Stockwell is a 19-year-old rider from the Northern Beaches of Sydney who’ll be competing at Derby along with his younger brother Nimmy. No stranger to the freeride and downhill side of riding and fresh from the mud fest of Rotorua’s Enduro World Series Round one, Sam will be packing the Norco Range up and tackling the hopefully drier trails of Derby.

How long have you been riding mountain bikes?
Ever since I watched my cousin huck down my back stairs on an old Norco, so, since I was 11 years old.

How long have you been racing Enduro?
I got into it doing the Rocky Trail Rollercoasters about six years ago. Since then it took over cross country racing pretty quick.

Favourite trail in Sydney?
Ya Mum.

Who are your sponsors?
Mum, Dad and #John

What bike will you be riding?
My 2016 Norco Range ‘Straya Edition C7.1.

What’s been your best result in Enduro racing so far?
I didn’t die on the weekend at Rotorua, which has to have been the most physical challenge I’ve ever faced. I’m in it for the fun of the challenge for sure. I also got 22nd in U21’s in 2015 in Rotorua.

Have you attended any previous EWS races?
2015 and 2017 EWS Rotorua. They have been the two most mind-blowing days on the bike ever, and incredible to be a part of. Now I’m just keen to race on home soil!

What goals have you set for yourself for this race?
I’d really just like to beat (my brother) Nimdawg, he’s been looking too quick for comfort!

What’s been your training plan in the lead up to the race?
Uni, pasta, Narra, and Uni.

What do you think the biggest challenge will be?
I definitely struggle with finding pace on a trip away from home, as well as getting up to full racing speed in a day or two.

Any plans to tackle more EWS stages after Derby?
For sure! The aim is to keep fit for next year and plan well to tackle a few northern hemisphere rounds if possible.

How do you think you’ll feel when you’re in the start gate come race day?
Just keen to get loose and throttle it! I hear there are jumps in Derby – time for a little bit of Oxy revenge!

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