One of the nice things about being at the World Champs as a full freelancer is being free of obligations to meet a brief for a client. I was shooting on the Friday all day when I decided during Timed Training to switch to monochrome JPEG shooting. Normally I shoot RAW full resolution on my camera which even if you shoot monochrome, you can retrieve the colour back as it’s just a stored profile that makes it monochrome. I had got down to around 200 shots left in RAW on the card i had in and rather than switch to the second body or put a different card in, I thought it might be different to shoot in monochrome.

On my camera I have a custom profile installed called the EOSHD Mono Adams. The creator describes it as a high contrast monochrome profile designed for landscapes and high-contrast cityscape scenes, but I have had good results with it shooting normal things as well.

Along with the patchy high contrast light coming through the holes in the rainforest canopy, it made some interesting photos.
Below are some of the results from a while’s shooting….

Troy Brosnan, over the pop of Alien Tree
Jack Moir

Dean Lucas
Dakotah Norton, young privateer ripper from the USA and an all round nice chap. Hopefully he finds a factory spot next year.
The roots and rocks on the exit of the rock garden waiting to catch the unwary out.

Ed Masters
Tahnee Seagrave. Showing fast pace all World Champs only to lose out to a crash in the final.

Emilie Siegenthaler
Sian A’Hern, slipping into the wrong line and about to go over the bars on the second last rock slab.
She was fine.

Kellie Weinert
Tegan Molloy

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